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Legislative District 49
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Hi!  I am a wife and mother of two who is passionate about preserving our constitutional freedoms.  As an Independent, I seek to bridge the ever-increasing partisan divide that has prevented relevant and timely legislation, crippling many in our region.

My veteran husband, Mike, has been my best adventure for 18 years, 6 countries, 7 states, and counting.  In fact, we found out we were pregnant with our oldest while trekking the Himalayas of Nepal!

Of all the places we've been, we love Vancouver the best, and are so thankful to be raising our family right here in the 49th.  We have the most amazing community - But together, we can make it even better!



We chose to settle down and buy our first and forever home here in Vancouver's west side for a reason. But over the last few years, we’ve become disillusioned with how the legislature is passing law, resulting in the regular erosion of parental and citizen freedoms.  It's time we get our priorities straight.  As your voice in Olympia, I will actively pursue, with utmost conviction, the restoration and preservation of your constitutional citizen and parental rights.  We don't need a "new normal" - We need a better one!


Your story starts at home.  A place where you should be free to support, care for, and protect your family and interests. 

No more losing small, local, family businesses due to "emergencies" - while big box stores hold a monopoly.  No more singling out of restaurants, salons, and other services.  Work is essential! 

No more hypocrisy deeming government building projects "essential" - while builders without government contracts are prevented from working and putting food on the table.

No more hypocrisy allowing current protests but forbidding all previous attempts to peacefully assemble.  As Americans, we have the right to assemble and the right to religious gathering.    

No more separating newborn babies from their families at birth due to Mom’s false-positive COVID-19 tests, despite Mom and Baby sharing blood for 9 months.  You and your kids are NOT property of the government, nor any other agency. 

To that end, a big THANK YOU!! to the over 266,000+ rightfully concerned citizens who signed the R-90 petition regarding special interest group sponsored and government-mandated Comprehensive Sex Ed.  Your willingness to stand for the rights of ALL families is commendable!  We have our work cut out for us, but together we can educate voters and get CSE out of our schools!                 


Part of caring for our community means actively supporting those public servants who put their lives on the line every time they walk out the door.  We must retain - not defund - our essential emergency services.

Caring for our community also means recognizing and helping those in need with a hand up, not a handout.  We can choose to apply temporary band-aids of support, or we can take a good, hard, and inconvenient look at root issues.

Governor Inslee has proposed budget cuts of more than $506 million dollars to DSHS services alone.  This is decidedly NOT caring for our communities, as the proposed budget cuts target and hurt multiple, already-vulnerable, populations - many of whom may end up homeless.  I have a really difficult time looking at all the proposed spending cuts, even more so when those responsible for stewarding finances have managed to lose millions of dollars to a Nigerian-based unemployment scam.  Fiscal responsibility and transparency is a MUST.


Vancouver has excellent trade and technical programs at Clark College and WSU Vancouver.  And yet skilled workers lose time (bridge traffic, anyone?) and money (Oregon income tax, gas, etc.) when crossing the river to work in Portland, Clackamas, and Hillsboro.  Swan Island's shipyard employs 6,000 skilled workers alone … with a two-year long waiting list for ships anticipating maintenance/repairs.   

When we create and support local business opportunities, workers currently exporting their skills to Oregon could benefit from an automatic 5% - 9.9% pay raise by working local and NOT losing their income to Oregon's treasury.  It's time to support businesses (and families), and bring skilled trade jobs home!





During WWII, Marian P. Opala fought with his countrymen, the Polish Underground, until he was taken captive by Nazis during the Warsaw Uprising.  He later immigrated to the United States, became a legal United States citizen, got his undergraduate degree in Economics, and Master’s in Law.  In 1978, Marian was appointed to the bench by Democrat Governor, David Boren.  Twenty-five years later, while serving as the University of Oklahoma’s overseas Graduate Campus Director at CFAY (U.S. Naval base in Yokosuka, Japan) and pursuing my Master of Human Relations degree, I had the opportunity to take an in-person graduate course taught by Justice Opala himself, “Civil Rights and the Constitution”.  I can think of no one better qualified to have taught that class.  All that he experienced, all that he endured, all that he accomplished, Marian understood the risk Freedom demands.

At the end of the week, Justice Opala encouraged me to pursue law school, saying that in all his years, it was refreshing to meet someone who was willing to consider a thing from all sides and still come back to center, weighing it against the Truth of the Constitution itself.  Those words will forever be imprinted on my heart.  A few weeks after his departure, I received the above recommendation letter in the mail, a complete and total surprise.  He did not have to write the letter, yet he chose to.  Knowing he believed in me, that he considered me worthy of his trust, that he was willing to put his reputation as a Supreme Court Justice on the line in recommending me, was truly humbling.  That simple letter served as a formative mile marker in my life. Though I did not have the means to pursue law school, that internal fire continued to burn.  Seventeen years later, the call on my life that Justice Opala recognized has come to fruition - a deep and unmovable passion to stand and be a voice for Freedom and Truth, under God, in service to We the People.

Our nation was originally founded with deafening, unison shouts, in a singular fight for Freedom, and today, their echos rekindle.  George Floyd’s death makes me angry.  Seething.  Hear me well.  I do not personally know the history, nor creed of Derek Chauvin.  But I do know this: Freedom demands we stand united against racism - while simultaneously condemning violent protest.  It is not acceptable to destroy cities. It is not acceptable to destroy the livelihoods of families with small businesses across the country.  It is not acceptable to target our men and women in blue because of others’ murderous actions.  I hear a lot of lip service about championing change.  I see a lot of lobbyist dollars lining the pockets of those promising liberation.  If you want real progress, then it is time for the People to stand with the Law of our land.  To return to that for which Freedom fought, bled, and died.  To demand constitutional justice and the prosecution of the guilty, to the fullest extent of the law.  These strongholds must be exposed and pulled down - legally.  And together, we will do exactly that.  We don’t fight for victory, we fight from victory. 

For years I have prayed that God would raise up men and women who would bring reformation to our government and restore constitutional Freedom and Justice to the People, but I never thought that might mean me.  In mid-May, I answered the call.  Marian came to the United States in search of Freedom, and today, I am proud to pick up that torch, and RUN!   


Meet Tricia Cook

Friends for 17 years, Tricia Cook of Alaska shares about Kelli in this short, 4m35s video.



Our next election is the August 4th Primary.  I am one of three candidates, two of which will advance to the General Election in November. 
As someone who is passionate about our community, it is important that I run a grassroots campaign, and to do so I need your help. 
I have the privilege of entering this race with a fresh perspective, but need flyers and signs to build public awareness.
Please donate today and check out the Next Steps section below for more ways you can help. 
Thank you so much!




Talk with your friends and family members, especially those residing within Legislative District 49’s boundaries.  If they are not currently registered to vote, help them get registered as soon as possible - Every vote matters! 

Ballots for the Primary will be mailed out July 17th.  July 27th is the deadline for voter registration in order to participate in the August 4th Primary. 

Register to vote by clicking here:


Please participate in my #VOTEKELLI49 social media campaign via Facebook.  I need all hands on deck, sharing and voicing support whether you reside in Legislative District 49 or not - you may have friends and/or family who do!  Every vote matters! 

Please note:  Respectful dialogue is very important.  Any disrespectful comments, against myself or my opponents, will not be tolerated.  Fair warning.  

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Please participate in my #VOTEKELLI49 social media campaign via Instagram.  I need all hands on deck, sharing and voicing support whether you reside in Legislative District 49 or not - you may have friends and/or family who do!  Every vote matters!  

Please note:  Respectful dialogue is very important.  Any disrespectful comments, against myself or my opponents, will not be tolerated.  Fair warning.  

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CMCA Certified Account Executive

Honolulu & Wailuku, HI

US Navy Career Counselor

Yokosuka, Japan

Graduate Campus Director
University of Oklahoma

Yokosuka, Japan

High School ESL Teacher

Oppama, Japan

Key Account Representative
Holland America Line

Seattle, WA

Fine Wine Consultant 
Ste. Chappelle Winery

Caldwell, ID

Master of Human Relations  
University of Oklahoma


B.A. Recreation Management & Leadership
Western Washington University


Foster Youth Support Staff
Teen Reach Adventure Camp

Hood River, OR

Special Olympics
Track & Swimming Coach

Longview, WA

Camp Nakano Director
USA Girl Scouts Overseas


Food Services Director
ETV High School Summer Camp

Tygh Valley, OR

Whitewater Rafting Guide
Reachout Expeditions/Youth Dynamics Washington

Anacortes, WA




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